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I am available for professional speaking, training, and other similar engagements (e.g. keynotes, webinars, workshops). Potential topics reflect my dual careers of scientist and science writer/communicator:

Essential science communication skills: know your audience, storytelling, wrangling jargon
How to get started in science writing 
Effective research presentations (talks and/or posters)

Popular science writing tips & tricks 

Social media tips & tricks

Personal website building for academics 

(and more!)

I am also available for consulting work on scientific and science communication topics. In addition to the knowledge and research skills I've developed as a scientist, I have direct experience as a factchecker in the context of a science journalism pieces (various topics) and science-based stories for children's fiction. 

Finally, I'm always available for contract writing and reporting work as a freelance science writer and editor. 

Customization is possible based upon organizational goals, needs, and available budget. For inquires, email me or fill out the form below, and I'll be in touch!

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