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Formal (University) Teaching

My dual roles of scientist and science writer shape my teaching and mentoring. I want all students to develop their subject knowledge, science communication theory and practical skills, and "cognitive skills" for learning, studying, and critical thinking.

Instructor of Record

Instructor, Practical Skills for Biologists (BI196)

Wilfrid Laurier University, Spring 2022

Lecture- and tutorial-based course about the fundamental practical skills required of biologists, including experimental design, hypothesis testing, observation and data collection, data analysis, and oral/written/visual communication of science to various audiences.

Instructor, Fish Physiological Adaptations (BI451)

Wilfrid Laurier University, Fall 2021
Lecture- and student seminar-based course focusing on the physiological and anatomical adaptations of fishes. Topics included swimming, respiration, circulation, iono- and osmoregulation, the senses, and others.

Co-instructor, Animals: Form and Function (BI358)

Wilfrid Laurier University, Fall 2020
Lecture and laboratory-based course focusing on comparative investigation of animal anatomy and physiology using a systems approach (respiration, circulation, metabolism, and other areas). Central themes include homeostasis and anatomical, physiological, and behavioural adaptations. 

Course syllabi available upon request. 

Guest lectures

I regularly contribute guest lectures about my research/fish physiology as well as various science communication topics. 

Recent guest lecture topics include: 

“Careers in science communication” (2024)

"Tips and techniques for science communication" (2024)

“Sea lamprey: Physiology, phylogeny, and control” (2023)

“Writing popular science stories 101” (2023)

“Lessons learned from scicomm YouTube, Crash Course: Zoology” (2023)

"My DIY science writing career" (2022)

“Effect of the lampricides on sea lamprey mitochondria"  (2021)

Textbook authorship

Borowiec, B.G. and Leonard, E.M. 2023. “The hypoxic ventilatory response and oxygen sensing in fishes” The Encyclopedia of Fish Physiology (2nd Edition). Elsevier. 

Rossi, G.S. and Borowiec, B.G. 2023. “Muscle physiology and plasticity” The Encyclopedia of Fish Physiology (2nd Edition). Elsevier.

Borowiec, B.G. and Freud, C.A. 2023 “The 5 Fact Story” Teaching Science Students to Communicate: A Practical Guide. Springer Nature. 

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Informal Teaching - SciComm Workshops

I regularly facilitate custom science communication workshops for graduate students, faculty, and professionals. If you or your organization may be in interested in a workshop, visit the Book Me! page

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Recent Workshops

Biology Communication Workshop, Canadian Society of Zoologists annual meeting (2023). Popular science writing for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Co-organizer. 

Being a Scientist Online, McMaster University McCall MacBain Postdoctoral Fellows Teaching and Leadership Program (2022). Personal branding, use of social media as a scientist, and personal website building for academic researchers. 

Getting Your Science Out There, Canadian Rivers Institute (2022). Described a framework for science communication work and practical recommendations in the use of social media for science communication.

Instructor, Science Communication 101, Laurentian SETAC short course (2021). Fundamental science communication skills of knowing your audience, storytelling, and handling jargon.


Instructor, Science Communication 101, University of Waterloo (2021). Fundamental science communication skills of knowing your audience, storytelling, and handling jargon.

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