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2020 to 2021


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I co-developed and co-facilitated a free, remote, intensive science writing internship program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in STEM and STEM-adjacent disciplines in Canada.


Interns will participated in workshops facilitated by leaders in Canadian #scicomm, created notes and transcripts of those sessions, and contributed blog posts to the website. Workshop topics included Science Communication 101, Science Blogging, EDI in Science Communication (panel), Online COVID Communications, Pitching and Science Journalism, and Careers in Science Communication (panel).


Many of the resources produced during the workshops, such as recordings and transcripts, are freely accessible to the public. 


We are assessing how participation in the program impacted interns' self-assessment of their knowledge, skills, and confidence in science communication. 

This program was primarily funded by an NSERC Science Communication Skills grant. We also received supported from the Laurier Centre of Women in Science and Wilfrid Laurier University's Dept. of Biology. 

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