Massive Science

I've written articles for the popular science media outlet Massive Science since 2017. I also began an assistant editor position in March 2019. My full-length articles and short format "lab notes" indexed on my Massive Science author page. Some highlights include: 

"Cats are like tiny, judgmental camels" (July 15, 2019). [Lab note]

"There’s life in one of the hottest, saltiest, most acidic, most contaminated places on Earth" (June 1, 2019). [Lab note]

"Meet mathematician Emmy Noether, mother of the most beautiful theorem in the world" (April 13, 2019)

"Four facts about Jane Goodall, primatologist, anthropologist, and activist" (April 5, 2018)

"How does an electric fish get its charge?"​ (January 31, 2018).

"Humans appear to be worse for animals than radioactive fallout" (January 15, 2018).


PBS Eons 

Script writing for a YouTube series about paleontology, archaeology, natural history for a popular audience. Click the thumbnails below to view, or visit the PBS Eons channel.

CSZ Public Awareness Award 2017

Syndicated in Salon

Outside JEB 

Outside JEB is the editorial commentary section of the Journal of Experimental Biology, a major peer-reviewed publication in my scientific discipline. All my publications in JEB, including both Outside JEB and peer-reviewed research papers, can be found at this link. Some Outside JEB highlights include:

Genes of the world's coolest fish (April 30, 2019)

Fasting fish risk oxidative stress(August 30, 2018) 

Trouble in murky seas for reef fish (February 5, 2018)

The Conversation

The C​onversation is an independent media outlet that facilitates communication between the academic community and non-expert audiences. My author profile is located here.

“Why we see hope for the future of science journalism" (February 26, 2019). Republished by McMaster University,, J Source, and the National Post. [En français/translation]


“Being a dad is hard when you're a plainfin midshipman fish" (February 21, 2019). Republished by McMaster University,, and the National Post

“Meet the famous mummichog: Model fish extraordinaire” (November 12, 2018). Republished by McMaster University, The Weather Network, Inverse, Alternet, and the National Post

Did You Know? book series 

I worked with Plympton, Inc. on the Did You Know? project, authoring 20+ short books about animals and other nature topics. Select proofs available upon request.


I wrote for Oceanbites, a science outreach blog about oceanography staffed by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. My complete publication record can be found at this link. Some highlights include:

“Why don't sharks go deep?” ( June 29, 2016) 

“Turtles turn heat exchange topsy-turvy” (March 1, 2016). [En Español/translation]

“Odd couples: tales of symbiosis in the ocean” (February 8, 2016). 

Other science writing

As a freelancer, I'm always looking for new outlets to write about science & science writing! 

"What scientists can expect when dabbling in science writing" (June 5, 2019). Nature.

"Cold-blooded animals in the cold" (March 4, 2019). Wonk! Magazine


“Hitting the pause button on life” (August 8, 2018). Lateral Magazine.

“A brief history of vertebrate life” (October 11, 2017). CurioCity.

“It’s (not) alive! Zombie genes wake up after death” (December 9, 2016). CurioCity.

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